The basics for becoming a pro in any e-sport title is to get your equipment sorted. Although practicing plays a major role too, but poor mouse acceleration and jittery aim can be a hurdle and also at times ruin those 2000 IQ plays. A mouse without a doubt could be considered the most important peripheral when it comes to gaming, and compromises on it can really take away from the gaming experience and comfort.

Gaming mice are not all akin; different mice suit different occasions and trust me; they are in profusion. A gaming mouse is not the one with RGBs and fancy lighting but with thousands of DPI. An excellent Gaming mouse has features that discern it from other so-called gaming mice: the design, ergonomics, precision, sensitivity, longevity, all hikes up its productivity and experience.

We looked into a myriad of mice and examined every feature to bring out the best gaming mouse for you.

However, before diving straight into choosing the best gaming mouse, it’s important to analyze some aspects to avoid any issues later. It is only when you know what traits set them apart from one another that you can test their performance and get yourself a high build quality mouse. When you feel a certain mouse has the hallmark of a victor, that’s the one you need to choose. Here are some important points that work as the determinants of a good gaming mouse:


relates to the feel of holding a mouse. There are three main types of gripping style that gamers use to enhance their gaming experience; fingertip, claw, and palm—the grip is an essential factor in figuring the weight, shape, and comfort.


is another significant influence in gaming escapade. For someone who glides or flicks his mouse on the mousepad to crank those 90s, a light-weighted mouse is a way to go. At the same time, a heavy mouse can give you wrist aimer a competitive edge in aiming. However, some of the gaming mice come with adjustable weights that you can add or remove as per your wish.


stands for dots per inch that is the number of pixels that your mouse cursor moves per inch.

A Fortnite fan? The high dpi for the right player would make it easy for you to crank those 90’s faster than the sweats on that youtube video you just watched.

But in lower DPI, it will really be hard to miss those 200 damage headshots.


is an acronym for counts per inch. It is the physical resolution that determines the frequency of the mouse sensor reading the tracking of your mouse pad every inch it moves. CPI, together with DPI, marks the sensitivity.

In short, the more the CPI better the movement detection rate and better precision in your air aim and overall movement.

Control speed

as the name suggests, is the speed at which your mouse moves.

What’s essential simultaneously is accurate tracking while the mouse moves. Most mice are capable of achieving accurate tracking with slow speed. But if the owners of these mice are high CPI players that move their mice at high speeds with intense vigour, then these mice will lack in their proficiency of tracking.

The sensor

is another feature of vitality that gamers choose according to their personal liking. These sensors can be laser or optical. The type of laser you choose will vary in reactivity and lagging. It also affects max tracking speed and prediction. A mouse sensor provides data to modify smoother movements in a game to synchronize your hand movements with your cursor movements. However, this is rarely ever possible because this feature of “angle snapping” is disabled in all gaming mice by default. To our fortune, most games don’t really require it.


has been a subject of skepticism for some time now. Acceleration refers to the relation of the movement of the mouse and cursor. The faster you move the mouse, the faster your cursor will move. However, this creates scrutiny because when you move the mouse slowly, the cursor on the screen will be at a variable distance. The unpredictability of the difference between the speeds is something that is frustrating for players. So a mouse with default acceleration is already out of the question.

Now that we have delved into the particularities, we can now focus on finding the best of these species that are ideal to complement your sense of style, comfort, and willingness to compete. Amid all the heap of gaming mice available, we bring you the top recommendations for the best gaming mouse that we found to help you escalate to the position of a pro gamer. Whether you side with wired or wireless, keep reading for the best options:

  • Excellent optics
  • Ideal CPI sensor
  • Extremely comfortable

The name of the mouse poses for it to be quite a charmer. And luckily, in this case, it isn’t just the name. The DeathAdder is the best gaming mouse that provides optimum value for your money. Whether it is the optical sensor, the buttons, the scroll wheel, design, or durability, you’ll get whatever you ask for. It is equipped with both focus and optical sensors with 20,000 DPI that is equivalent to excellence.

The stellar design of the mouse has continued to sustain stability over the years, and for all the right reasons. Razer DeathAdder understands the importance of the grip, probably in the possible way because it is recommendable for all grips, hand sizes, and works perfectly on all kinds of mousepads.

The two buttons are ideally sized on the mouse that works more optically than mechanically. It means you no longer have to worry about the accidental firing in games like Escape from Tarkov or Fortnite. The responsiveness and reactivity of the mouse are very impressive. The mouse tracks around 650 inches per second and has an excellent resolution accuracy of 99.6 percent. What else do you want?

  • Excellent DPI sensor
  • 19+1 programmable buttons
  • Dock Chroma compatibility

Razer Naga Pro is one of the best gaming mouse wireless that you can get. With 20,000 DPI and focus + optical sensor, the mouse functions in a pretty supreme manner. It is a very comfortable mouse that weighs 117g and comes with three interchangeable thumb grips.

The button arrays are compatible with MOBAs, MMOs, and regular use. The 19+1 programmable buttons come with multiple abilities. Especially the MOBA array that lays out two rows with three buttons each to perform a variety of functions.

The squat shaped mouse works better for people with larger hands and offers a very convenient grip to remain active in the games without having to fatigue your wrist. The mouse’s battery life is also great that works well with the charging Dock Chroma.

Now, with the best gaming mouse wireless, you can play Shooters and stay active for as long as you want.

  • 25K Hero sensor
  • Compatibility with PowerPlay charging mat
  • Versatile pack of 11 buttons

If you’re looking for the best gaming mouse wireless for your big hands, then trust me on this, Logitech G502 lightspeed is the perfect choice for you. The mouse comes with the ergonomics of the right hand and six adjustable weights. The mouse has created quite a stir in the gaming world with its durability, reliability, and exuberant performance that the company has managed to keep on the level of superiority all these years.

The mouse comes with a 25K Hero sensor that offers classic services with the fast performance of its pointers. With an optical sensor with a capability of 25,600 DPI and 400+ inches per second. Its versatility in sensitivities accommodates all kinds of playing styles and desk setups making it the best mouse for FPS.

The pack of 11 buttons is another feature that intrigues interest in the buyer. They might seem overwhelming at first, but they provide utmost justification to their existence with their first-class functionality. The scrolling wheel is another high-end feature that responds in the way a

scrolling wheel actually should. It can also be locked and unlocked as per your requirement to keep it from spinning freely.

The highlight of the product is its compatibility with the PowerPlay charging mat, which sure is the best gaming mouse pad. The best part about the pad is that it doesn’t only charge being in the air but also connects it to the PC without requiring the need of a USB toggle.

It is one of the best gaming mouse to get your hands on, but the best never comes cheap, so you need to endure a toll on your pocket to enjoy its perks.

  • Affordable

  • Comfortable

  • Excellent scrolling wheel

One of the best gaming mouse cheap that we have ranked in our top picks is the Dark Core RGB Pro. The high-arch mouse provides premium comfort and ergonomics to the hand for extended playing sessions. 

The mouse has a classic textured outlook that comes with a USB dongle and Qi wireless charging. It also facilitates with an incredible scrolling wheel, a decent battery life, extra buttons, and optional weights that you can shed as per your liking. Overall, it is one of the best gaming mouse budget that provides value for every penny you spend. 

  • Optimized performance for FPS
  • Adjustable DPI
  • Designed for competitive players

The extremely comfortably sloped surface of the mouse, perfect grip, and power-packed features convinced us to put in it up in the list. Other than this if you’re short on money, Zowie is the best gaming mouse cheap that you can get to enhance your gaming experience. The ergonomic support lets you play your game or browse in the most accommodating way. The generous thumb space under the side buttons also works great for long time players. 


The mouse is intricately designed to be the best gaming mouse for FPS. It’s 3360 optical sensors, and adjustable DPI proves it to be a reliable product in terms of customizable gaming functionality. The long wire of 6.6ft is an additional feature that allows you to play freely in your ignited competitive spirit. It weighs 15 ounces which is pretty decent. 

Other than being the best mouse for FPS, it also comes with 1-year warranty together addition mouse feet to keep it suitable for the long run. We can proudly categorize it as one of the best gaming mouse budget as well. 

  • Exceptional DPI
  • 3x faster mouse switches
  • Programmable buttons

Razer comes with another product that we have listed in one of the best gaming mouse that has a design to guarantee you victory with its gilt-edged performance. Its 20,000 DPI optical + focus sensor is one of its dominating features that offers adjustable sensitivity through the programmable buttons. 

If you’re a player who likes absolute control over the buttons than its 3x faster mouse switches will take you to dizzying heights. It uses beam-based actuation that supports full immersion. The 11 programmable buttons perform all the macro functions that a gamer needs. 

Although the mouse is wired, its drag-free wire makes no less than any best gaming mouse wireless. You can get full autonomy over it without any bungee problems. The customizable scroll wheel adds value to the mouse even further.

  • Incredible ergonomics
  • Super efficient tracking
  • Very impressive battery life

Logitech has emphasized on the ergonomics while keeping it in symphony with the design and performance. The mouse has been tested to reduce muscle strain, wrist pressure, and improve the hand posture, making it the best gaming mouse wireless

The wireless ambidextrous mouse offers a 4000 DPI high-precision sensor and has an ultra-efficient tracking functionality. The beautifully designed mouse also offers seamless control and sensitivity are an add on to the feature-packed product.

The product weighs only 8 ounces and comes with a Li Po rechargeable battery. It has an extraordinary battery life that can last up to 4 months once fully powered. 

For a mouse that offers almost everything one needs, it is one of the best gaming mouse budget that fully justifies its hype. 

The Best Choice

The best gaming mouse 2020, as per our recommendation, has to be the Logitech G502 lightspeed that wins the game with its dynamic features and performance.

The lightning-fast speed, Hero 25K sensor, PowerPlay compatibility, adjustable weights, customized design, and programmable buttons are all five-star. For a gamer who is very particular about his mouse, should find it top-notch in every aspect. 

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