Do you need a new gaming mouse? do you want reliability in a tried and tested design great performance RGB all whilist keeping the costs as low as possible well then you might want to stick around as this may possibly be the best budget gaming mouse of 2021 today we’re checking out the brand new but not so new Logitech G 203 light sync gaming mouse it has an RRP under $30 and is available from a 2021 hold on a a second

How Can Logitech G203 LightSync Be Brand New

Well not so new but the G 203 light sync is a brand new release from Logitech but it does carry over
many things from previous and Logitech mice that were popular for those models so the G 203 light sync reminds us of the original G 100’s whilst keeping the original design previously seen in the other G 203 models and even similar to the Wireless G 305 as well so we pretty much have an identical Mouse to the G 203 prodigy that released a few years ago there’s literally just one change that has been made here and because of this I say it’s not really a new Mouse at all instead I see is more of a refresh for 2021 now that’s not necessarily a bad thing as the previous mice were very well-received if you didn’t know them already so let’s jump into the review.

Logitech G203 LightSync Cable And Box

2.1 meter cable length

It packs atound with thin carboard box with sticker along mouse inside and a nice rubber cable with no kink inside very thin cable quite prenium but not tacky rubber that you can find on some mice and bery light wwight. The cable length is around 2.1 meters which is amazing for computer trolly.

Logitech G203 LightSync Design

It is super minimalistic very simple design that could easily pass as a workspace mouse completely plastic design it is symmetrical despite beign right hand only. The plastic of this mice feels like quite high quality no sharp edges insight on the left hand side we have two clicky buttons forward and backward feels very premium. On the right hand side we got nothing at all jst smooth plastic lack of texture didnot bother us at all because it is fairly lightweight too so mouse is 85 gram we have two gloss accent around the scroll one in front and behind sorrounding the dpi profile button which is also plastic made

Logitech G203 LightSync RGB 16M

rgb light 16m colors

You know its kind of named the light sink after all we do have to rgb zones on the mouse we have logtech g logo on back and large zone that follow curves mouse down and around the base and these can be changed using logitech software while offering lightning affects upto 16.8 million

Logitech G203 Game Performance

game performance dpi

I am amazingly surprise from its game performance super responsive and every click counted i wasn’t fearing miss clicks or delays and also beign fairly lightweight while using a mixture of my prefered grip style finger grip setting with low dpi it was really really good

G203 Software

download the latest software from logitech website for best performance make sure you install it and check for updates.The software contain tabs of lightsync wehre you can set rgb lights.The next tab is assignments where you set mouse clicks settinhgs with all mouse button last we have dpi tab where yoy set your dpi shift speed of any button of your choice


i am trying to find any problem in g203 but not find any problem yet some people not like rubber cord lack of textured grips or the lightweight feel but for me i had no issue it is fairly small mouse so did get a drag which is con but it couldnot affect my gameplay.However people with large hands may find it worse and also left and right button could degrade fairly. But as a reminder it is best fit under best gaming mouse under $30

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