Wireless HoneyComb Mouse LightWeight Mouse Design Gaming Mouse

Wireless honeycomb mouse an interesting mice i found apparently this is a lightweight mouse with “RGB” wireless gaming mouse in addition that cost this under $25. Will it compete with glorious computer mouse and is it worth of money we will found out below stay with us where we keep it fast with no prattle.

Build Quality Design Wireless HoneyComb Mouse

Actually pretty part is how well the build quality is not only mattle white finish but also like a honey texture feel is all plastic.The buttons are glossy same as the middle button and the scroll wheel is textured see through plastic provide leds and type of illuminates the mouse which is very cool and it is very lightweight as compare to logitech g203 very surprised.

Wight around 135gram with “AA” battery inside this but you can also run on one “A” battery. This is the best gaming mouse under $30


Rechargeable Wireless Or Wired Gaming Mouse

wireless usb reciever rgn light chargeable

HoneyComb mouse is the best budget gaming mouse include both wired or wireless both option available in case you are running out of battery it is of course rechargeable with descent battery life. This moue comes with 2.4 Ghz wireless technology that ensures eliminating delays and dropouts around (15m) which is quite impressive. So you can perform task easily with in long distance.

Top 10 6 RGB Light Effects

This gaming mouse include 6 lighting patterns effects like RGB marquee you can adjust lights by pressing switch button so mice can easily change its lighting pattern lights effect around both side of mouse.

Disadvantage of HoneyComb Wireless Mice

  • It does not comes up with software for customizable macros or addressable rgb so you are stuck with six lighting patterns
  • This computer mouse only has three dpi settings
  • No indicator when your gaming mouse is on low battery
  • When holding the right mouse cannot using side buttons which is strange but you can use side button with other button
  • Major problem its sensor, won’t be top notch quality. Mouse struggles to track when you are doing like fast movements on mouse pad but when you have high dpi and you don’t move too much it actually fit itself which very nice


Well if you are a casual or normal gamer and you do not want to do large travel on your mouse on low dpi and don’t really mind about some RGB lighting patterns than we would recommend you to buy it from amazon here is the link¬†

It is not really bad under the budget of best gaming mouse under $30 which gives premium feeling for best performance. I consider it because it contain both wired and wireless along with rgb lights and beautiful design and so important this mouse is for long purpose which means it has alot of life than other mouses

What do you feel about this mouse and others write comment and let see people what do you think thankyou

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